About Nicole

Nicole Royer

Yep, that’s me!

I started my first business at age 4, when I set up a kissing booth and was shut down by wise parents a few minutes later.  It wasn’t my best business idea, it definitely was not my last, and I have learned a lot since then!

Throughout my school years, I spent a lot of time creating new businesses and opportunities to earn money.  By the time I reached college, I had the business-creation bug, and had built my own best practices.

In 2000, I moved from my hometown in Northern Indiana and settled in Michigan, where I planted roots and built this business.   With the help of a couple of amazing mentors, I learned the ropes of starting businesses and found that I had a knack for not only launching great ideas, but fixing broken ones.

Since then, I have continued to grow new companies (over 100 success stories!), and have made a couple of my own.  In addition to my consulting and coaching business, I am the CEO of Power Mountain Foods, and am working on obtaining a few patents for other great ideas.  Locally, I’m trying to establish a co-working office, a proto-shop for manufacturing, and a think tank on community poverty and violence, and am establishing a chapter of American Foundation for Suicide Prevention after almost 8 years of volunteering.

What’s your story?  Whether you’re a lifelong entrepreneur, or just a neophyte, let me know!  Talk to me about your plans and dreams and goals – and let me help!

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