Start-Up Coaching

What is going to define you in 2020?

Is it going to be finally building that business of your dreams?  Is it going to be working toward that start-up company you’ve been planning for years?  Maybe selling that business you’ve built, investing in a new venture, or fixing your dysfunctional company?

Don’t get stuck doing what you’ve always done – now is the time to make your business work for you!

Starting a business is long, hard, tedious, and sometimes solitary work.  Need someone to help you build an investor-gaining elevator pitch, business plan and deck?  Not sure when it’s the right time to make your first hire?  Does the thought of stepping out terrify you, but you’re sitting on the next multi-million dollar idea?  Your best partner in your entrepreneurial journey is your coach!   With over 11 years experience coaching start ups, I have seen hundreds of success stories – could yours be next?

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