What To Do When Opportunity Isn’t Knocking

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

-Milton Berle

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If opportunity doesn’t know, build a door. – Milton Berle

Opportunity. Sometimes it feels finicky and uncertain. Sometimes it feels like the well has dried up. Sometimes it feels like opportunity is definitely not knocking.

And then sometimes, opportunity feels like a floodgate being opened. Everywhere you turn, there are new opportunities.

Are you controlling your opportunities for opportunity?

Berle had it right: If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. When was the last time you actually built that door? If you are not constantly cultivating opportunities, they won’t happen. You can only sit on opportunity and ideas for so long – idleness leads to nothing. Take those ideas, plans, and goals, and put them to action.

I moved from an area where my business was primarily word-of-mouth, to an area where no one knew my name. It was 2010, and the country was still in recession. Opportunities, so they seemed, had dried up. I waited for knocks on the door that never came.

In 2013, after almost three years of career stagnancy and few opportunities, I decided to build a few doors.

How do you build opportunity for yourself and your company?

First, I started attending local networking events. I joined two civic organizations. I finally updated my website. I increased my social media exposure. And most important – I started crafting how I wanted to work, the types of projects I wanted to be involved in, and the types of opportunities I wanted to find. Then I told anyone who would listen (not in a forceful way – craft your “opportunities wanted” pitch into your introduction).

After a few months of making opportunity my main career goal, it happened. I can happily report that through networking myself and my business, building better marketing, and talking about my goals and what I can offer others, I find myself happily busy doing work that I love.

So how can you take this leap to build better opportunities for yourself?

Know what you want to do. Know your passions. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Continue your education in the things you want to do. Then talk about them. Find networking opportunities. Build social media and internet marketing into your daily plan. Actively approach opportunities you want head on. Then watch the floodgates open.

Best of luck in all of your opportunistic ventures!



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